IR Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Being an IR or a corporate communications professional requires a diverse and high-level skill set whether you work at a corporate, investment bank, financial PR or service company.

No two days are ever the same. A corporate IRO will be at the forefront of any crisis alongside management as well as having input on corporate strategy. Never mind having direct contact with the buy and sell-side. That is just the day job.

For others in the wider IR and corporate communications industry, the demands on time and experience are just the same.

Having spent over 12 years in the IR arena, Amanda has witnessed first hand how the industry has dramatically developed and changed. IR and corporate communications are roles now operating strategically at the highest levels of UK plc.

There are also career opportunities available at companies where products and services have been set up in order to help meet the demands of the IR indstury and its professionals.

Making time to formulate your career strategy, create value within your function by setting targets and objectives, analyse your skills and strategies on raising your profile internally and externally, are all crucial to success whatever level you maybe working at.

We work with professionals at all seniority levels on an individual basis. We also work with organisations on various programmes around talent management. Our sessions are bespoke, confidential and can take place in person or by telephone. Timings can be flexible.

Typical areas covered include:

  • Settings Targets & Objectives
  • Skill Set Review- identifying strengths & weaknesses
  • Time management
  • Developing & Raising your profile (off and on-line, internally & externally)
  • Approach to producing materials
  • Developing confidence

To find out more please contact Amanda on 07770 496383 or